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What is the time frame for the campaign?
We envision a multi-year program, not a short-term effort, that will gain momentum over the years.

Why is this campaign important to me?
The goal of the campaign is to make the region’s residents aware of all the things that make The Triangle so special, to celebrate its uniqueness and diversity, and to generate pride in both the region and its individual communities. That kind of pride can and will have a positive influence on how external markets view The Triangle.

What are the practical benefits?
First, it creates a basis for a shared identity and a shared destiny. Although independent and unique, the cities and towns of The Triangle are continually working together to solve problems (e.g., air and water quality), affect solutions (traffic and transportation) and address opportunities (economic development).

Second, the campaign will broaden recognition of regional opportunities and increase awareness of The Triangle’s unique diversity, a direct result of its individual communities. Such a combination of regional power and localized individuality is a real strength, and the campaign is specifically designed to call attention to that strength. The bottom line, then, for all of us is a multitude of cross regional marketing opportunities.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the campaign is to create a greater understanding and appreciation of The Triangle and its individual communities among Triangle residents, prospective residents and visitors. This will most likely have a significant financial impact in terms of future economic development and visitor/tourism-related opportunities. While the initial phase of the campaign is internally-driven, its messages, tone and character could serve as the foundation for external marketing efforts in the future.

How much will you spend on this? What’s the total budget?
Although much of the work that has gone into the campaign to date is pro bono and the initial media is comprised predominately of PSAs, we are exploring ways to raise real dollars as well to enhance the campaign’s long-term success. We also plan to attract additional sponsors who share our excitement and are willing to support the concept. Clearly, we envision an extensive campaign that will continue to grow over a number of years.

How do you envision the additional communities being involved?
We see this campaign as a very fluid, open-ended process. Every community in The Triangle is a partner in it ... a member of the family, if you will. The extent to which they tie in will be up to them. We invite their collaboration and encourage their involvement.

You describe the region as “The Triangle.” What area specifically are you talking about?
At the moment, the words “The Triangle” refer specifically to the three core counties of Durham, Orange, and Wake. Our ultimate goal is to be inclusive of all counties and communities that make up The Triangle Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). In fact, as the campaign matures and gains momentum, we expect broader participation.

Who is heading the campaign? Who’s in charge?
The campaign is the work of a steering committee, a core group that was assembled to put together and “test drive” the campaign. Craig Jackson & Partners, Advertising has been responsible for creating the campaign.

You’ve talked about ads, electronic media, etc. What else is involved?
The types and kinds of support are limitless. While the primary campaign is media-driven, we see a “grassroots” effort featuring everything from bumper stickers and stationery icons to decals, window stickers and all sorts of specialty items. The opportunities are endless.

Where will the funding come from?
We are building a sponsorship framework across the region to fund some production costs. Ben Waters, formerly of Capitol Broadcasting, has graciously agreed to head this effort. We are also relying on the support of local media to run the PSAs when appropriate.

How will you involve “the community?”
Every community will bring their unique stamp to the campaign. As the campaign develops, details for community involvement will become clearer and opportunities will emerge. We see an inclusive process and both welcome and encourage the interest and support of any and all parties. In fact, an integral part of the campaign launch is the establishment of channels of communication for feedback and the involvement of the community at large.

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