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Our mission is to capture the spirit of The Triangle, promote regional pride among individual Triangle communities and residents, and celebrate both our independence and shared values. To do that, we developed a regional brand to serve as a rallying point, sustain a long-term program, and generate loyalty and pride throughout the region. Finally, to bring that regional brand to life, we put together a campaign that combines print, television and radio to position The Triangle as a family of communities and create a sense of region by celebrating the region’s unique sense of community.

The campaign will present a many-sided Triangle. Cities. Towns. Villages. Crossroads. Neighborhoods. Communities. Each with their own character and personality. Each with their own story to tell. Yet, for all their individuality and independence, they share a unique sense of community and sense of pride. Initially, we’re featuring the counties of The Triangle and urging residents to visit their “not too distant relatives.” Because, wherever you are in The Triangle, the rest of The Triangle is right next door, just around the corner, easy to get to, and easy to get to know. Our call-to-action encourages Triangle residents to visit this web site which is specifically designed to broaden awareness and stimulate “usage” of the region.



A collaboration of the cities, towns, counties, CVBs and chambers in the 3-county Triangle. Eventually, the campaign will expand to other counties in the broader region.

WHY Scientific public opinion surveys conducted over the past several years confirmed that residents of The Triangle are far more connected to individual cities, towns and counties than they are to a sense of Triangle or “greater” or “metro.” The campaign is designed to augment this strong sense of community with an equally strong sense of region. The dual identities will engender mutual respect, pride and appreciation while fostering greater cooperation and understanding.

WHAT A first ever, inter-regional multi-year communications plan created to build an image and brand that positions both The Triangle as a “Family of Communities,” and the individual cities, towns and counties that make it great. Through creating a sense of connection between the communities in the region, the campaign will also facilitate collaboration on issues such as transportation and air and water quality.

WHERE The campaign will be conducted initially via public service announcements with Triangle based news media and organizations.

WHEN PSAs will launch mid-March 2003.

HOW The campaign will involve broadcast and print advertisements, logos, letterhead, a portal web site and other communications vehicles. Success will be measured by follow-up scientific public opinion surveys.

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